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We're building something for people who want to keep things simple.

Feedmesh is an easy to use RSS reader that can be used on your PC, Mac or mobile device. Sign up for free and start organizing and more easily reading news from your favorite websites.

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Why Use Feedmesh?

Feedmesh isn't the first feed aggregator on the web and likely won’t be the last, but it's different. Feedmesh keeps reading simple and fast. Much like chapters in a book, feed sources are kept separate from one another. Because of this, Feedmesh allows you to focus better on what you are reading since you have a good context about the article source. Moving from one article to another, all from the same feed, accomplishes that goal. There are no fancy algorithms, and there doesn't need to be. Feedmesh doesn't to try guess what you want to read, it just provides you a list of new articles in reverse chronological order.

Feedmesh is built for busy people who want to glance through stories and dig in when they see something that interests them. If you’re like us, you want to scroll down one page and see what you missed in the past few hours across all your feeds, and that’s it. There aren’t a lot of moving parts on the front end and that’s by design to accomplish that goal.

Feedmesh is powered by RSS and is an open system. You can add any, and as many, RSS feeds as you want, or search for something based on keywords or topics if you don't know the URL of the RSS feed you want to add. We also allow you to import your RSS feeds from another service.

With Feedmesh, we are hoping to fill the gap left by RSS readers of days gone by like Taptu and Pulse, where users demand simplicity and an easily understandable visual experience.


Here are a few of the things that make us special.

Organized Chaos

Feeds are primarily organized into seperate rows with articles represented as cards. There are additional options to categorize each feed, or even merge two or more similar feeds together into one.

Readable Content

We hate small snippets of content, clutter, and clickbait. Our built in, on-demand readability technology let's you see the full story, or just as easily visit the source website. The choice is yours.

Stay in Sync

Read on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device and soon via our dedicated Android and iOS apps. We keep all your devices in sync no matter where you decide to read.